Friday, April 15, 2011

Is It Wrong to be Jealous of a Fifteen-Year old?

My friend's teenage daughter is going to Disneyworld tomorrow.

I am SO not digging that.  Disney is my favorite place on earth and I don't have the money to even stand at the gate.  I'd probably have to blow Goofy to get on the property.

Yeah, it sucks, and not in a good way.

I called my doctor this morning to clarify three issues.  First, she's prescribed the wrong amount of my medication, and apparently has been for forever and is trying to blame it on my doctor before I moved.  Bull.  Some people just can't read.

Second, remember that ultrasound I was supposed to get?  The one the doctor insisted I come to see her about before she would order?  Yeah, she never ordered it.  I hope that thing on my kidney isn't deadly.  If it is my family is going to have one hell of a lawsuit.

Finally I called about getting the number to pain management.  I'm in pain as I sit here writing this, and it will be by sheer force of will that I go to exercise today.  Today is a new adventure!  I have pain in the front of my shoulders, just below my neck.  I guess you would say it's my chest, but I didn't want anyone to think I am having a heart attack.  Every day is a new adventure.  Anyway, the nurse was rather rude, or perhaps I'm rather sensitive, and she gave me the number and told me that since I didn't keep my original appointment it would take "forever" to get in.  I gritted my teeth and managed a thank you before hanging up.

Note to self:  add finding new PCP to the to-do list.

So I call the pain management clinic.  Guess how long "forever" is?  Oh, about two weeks.

I'm so glad I don't listen to snotty nurses and clueless doctors.  And I better darn well get the order for the ultrasound soon as well.

I just know a trip to Disney would fix all this.  I know it.

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