Sunday, May 13, 2012

Get Right With Me

Get right with me.

There's a song by Depeche Mode with the above title.  It falls on the album after several darker songs dealing with pain, manipulation, sex, and darkness.  I always envision a gospel choir backing the singer as he sings they lyrics.

I will have faith
In that
That it's hard to
Don't waste your energy
Use your ability
Get right with me.

The last several weeks or months have made me think frequently of this song.  How often I see out answers that are really unimportant; the importance, as one of my more faithful friends would say, is to use your energy and ability to get it right with God.

Is such a sure thing
That I cannot comprehend.
But if this life
Were abhorring
There are things I know we'd bend

How much is beyond my control?  Everything.  I like to think I'm in control of everything.  And to some degree, I'm in control of certain issues.  Whether I get up in the morning, if I get dressed, what I do, the help I reach out and ask for.  But I don't control it all.

Take my advice
Already told you once
Once or twice
Don't waste your energy
You have the ability
Get right with me.

How often does God sit there and think, "Michelle, do you get it yet?"  I wonder if he breaks his pencils when he watches me, or if he just shakes his head and says, well, she's still got some years left...waiting for me to figure it out.

This mother's day I'm reminded of the story of the man who fell into the ocean and was drowning.  A rowboat came by and said, "Here, let us help you!"  The man said, "No, I have faith that God will save me."  A bit later a ship came by and said, "Please, man, let us help you!" The man again declared, "No, I have faith that God will save me!"  The man grew weaker when he saw a helicopter hovering over him, dropping a ladder.  "Here!" yelled a man on the ladder.  "Grab the ladder!  We'll save you!"  Shaking and overcome with weakness the man declared, "No, God will save me!"  Shortly thereafter, the man caved to the cold waters and drowned.

Upon meeting his maker, he said, "God, I don't understand!  You said if I believed in you, you would save me!  I believed beyond belief, and here I am, dead..."

The Lord shook his head sadly.  "Did you not understand?" he asked gently.  "I sent a rowboat, a ship, and a helicopter for you."

I wonder often how many times I turn down the rowboats in my life expecting something grander or more amazing to save me.

Get right with me.

I'm trying.

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