Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving of Thanks

Two days ago, my husband, daughter, and I celebrated Thanksgiving together. For most people, Thanksgiving is a huge family gathering. For us, it's the one holiday that I consider sacred for only our immediate family. It's a day that we spend cooking and hanging together. This year, our son was not with us and my husband had a broken foot, so he was limited in his ability to move around. So I decided we'd go easy--we roasted a turkey but let Bob Evans supply us with the mashed potatoes. Everything else was prepared by me and my daughter, with the exception of the unusual dessert, Key Lime Pie. Edwards makes the BEST key lime pie, and on sale with a double coupon, it was a no-brainer.

So what were we thankful for this year? Here is, in part, my list:
*each member of my family, from my husband to my children to my dog, who enrich my life daily and keep me going
*a job that is steady employment in a field I enjoy
*a home that is warm and comfortable
*cars that work in an economy that isn't
*my parents, who continue to support and love me every way they can
*my wonderful friends who mean the world to me
*the release of Season Four of Criminal Intent (I have an appointment scheduled with my favorite detective!)
*terrific CVS and Walgreens deals that give me stuff for FREE
Before you think it's tacky to put family and friends in the same list with a tv series and CVS extrabucks, let me just say this: I think it's critical to be able to focus on the little things in our lives that enrich us, feed us, distract us, or just give us a bit of pleasure. I am thankful this Thanksgiving that despite one of us being unable to work, we are able to share a beautiful meal together. I am thankful that my son will be rejoining our family in our home in a few days. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to work in a job that feeds my soul. And I really, REALLY do like those extra bucks!

But not as much as I like my favorite detectives. :-)

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