Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marvelous Mondays, I will Miss you!

So yesterday was Monday. I have gotten a position teaching again and had to go in to fill out paperwork. No big deal, right? Of course not. So I did what I needed to do. They kindly let me bring it home to finish it and gave me a huge three-inch binder of stuff to read.

Now, I know most people strongly dislike Mondays. Start of the work week, end of the weekend, yada yada yada. But not me. At least not MOST Mondays...because on Monday, USA network plays--ta da-- back to back episodes of Criminal Intent!

Yes, it's a strange reason to enjoy Mondays. Actually, my excitement begins on Sunday nights, when Bravo plays three to four episodes of my favorite show. Then Monday morning comes ad the party REALLY begins. An entire day with Goren and Eames. I putter around the house, doing laundry, picking up, writing, while I watch my two favorite detectives solve the unsolveable crimes of New York City.

Well, I am going through mourning. After next Monday, it will be a LONG time before I will get to revel in my special time. Instead of watching reruns of my two favorite detectives, I'll be teaching children. Ha! Why, oh why!

Now here's the part that is REALLY hysterical. I have all of the first five seasons on DVD. I can watch ANY or ALL of those episodes at any time I choose. That means my wonderful detectives are never far from me. But there's something exciting about switching on my television and seeing Bobby and Alex there, without me having chosen the episode, and getting into whatever's being shown at the time. Or maybe it's the rhythm of a slow and easy Monday...picking up the house, doing the laundry, and catching some eye candy during.

Either way, it won't matter, because in two weeks, I'll be working and separated from my very enjoyable ritual. It's time. It's needed. Obviously, you can't compare the importance of living an actual life actively--contributing to a child's growth and learning--to sitting passively in front of the boob tube lusting over a fictional character. But alas, I will miss it.

Summer, oh summer, where have you gone? And taken my sweet detectives with you?

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