Sunday, December 20, 2009

The man with the bag

Anyone who has been following this blog knows by now that I don't deal well with stress. They also know that I have a ton of it in my daily life. Unfortunately, one of the worst parts of stress at this time of year is feeling like the holidays are just passing me by. I have to force myself to find time to do things that should be fun! I remember when celebration and expectation of Christmas began right after Thanksgiving. Now I can barely look up a few days before in order to trim the tree and have everything ready. It seems like a huge rush. I worry that my kids will grow up without the magic and wonder that I enjoyed so much as a child.

So with all that in mind, here is MY letter to Santa this year. Enjoy.

Dear Santa,
Well, it's that time of year again. I wonder if you ever get tired of people making demands on you? I sure do. Maybe that could be my Christmas present this year--24 hours with no demands! Could you make that happen?

Remember the year that I figured out you had the same handwriting as my dad? I was about four years old. That was the same year I didn't get a Baby Alive. God how I wanted that doll! I wanted that doll SO much that I almost added it to my daughter's list last year. Unfortunately, Baby Alive's don't go over as well with the nine year old set as they do with the five year old set. But hey, that's how sweet dear daughter got that lite-brite, remember? You and I worked together to make that one happen. Another toy lost from my childhood but revisited upon my own child! I love how that works.

Santa, I know you get a lot of requests this time of year. The lucky kids ask for things like electronics or games or even stuffed animals. The kids who have struggles ask for mommy and daddy to love each other, for Grandma to get better, for a sister or a brother to have enough food. And we grownups ask for the truly impossible--we add things to your list like charity, kindness, peace. Can you really carry peace around in your bag?

When I think of you, Santa, I think of the magic you bring to Christmas. The joy and wonder of the impulsive kindness that people can do for one another. How capable we are of sharing, even in difficult times. Of the gentle nature that lies within so many of us when we are touched, when we are reminded of the magic of Christmas. I know you're a secular guy, but you still bring forth some amazingly reverent actions in people. And because of that, you live on, don't you?

So this year, Santa, I'm giving a gift to you. I'm going to purposely carry on good works with the magical spirit of you. So that another child can believe in you for a little longer, so that one more mother or father can afford to keep your spirit alive for their family. Don't ask me how I will do my work, as I keep secrets much like you! But suffice it to say that I have a plan, just as you do, to bring joy to people I don't know but for a momentary crossing, much as this letter.

Thanks, Santa, for being such a great guy. Thanks for the great gifts you gave me as a kid and for the thoughtful (ahem) gifts you continue to give my children now. But most of all, thanks for being around to give us something magical to believe in. You rock.

Much love,
P.S.--I know there's just GOT to be a way to fit a new TV through the chimney!!!

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