Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Good news. So good I dare say it out loud.

My mother's test results are coming back in, and slowly but surely, her specialist is concluding that she does NOT have the terminal illness she had been told she had. In fact, they are now planning to do a minor outpatient biopsy in the office instead of the two- to three-day hospitalization originally planned to explore her lungs.

Gratitude and thankfulness hardly begin to express the relief we all are feeling. From what I hear in her voice, her energy is returning and she is once again enjoying her life. She continues to have some issues that are still unexplained and will continue to require additional testing; however, those concerns are not life threatening.

As I proceed through this year, one of the goals I have for myself is to begin to see the glass half full more often. Today I faced some frustrations regarding my job and had a choice to make as I began writing: do I write about the wrongs or do I praise God for the miracle of my mother? Really, is that a serious choice?

I can bury myself in all of the worries that crop up in my life or I can rejoice in the love and miracles that occur around me each day. As one of my good friends pointed out the other day, none of us are guaranteed a minute longer on this earth. But knowing that my mother isn't face a painful, imminent death is such a huge blessing. Thank you, God. Thank you for my mom.


  1. That is so wonderful! If I remember right this has been going on a really long time

  2. I guess it depends what you consider a long time, Jeanette. She first got noticeably, seriously ill around Thanksgiving. But it was quick and extremely serious right away. They're still trying to figure all the little stuff out, but thank God it's not fatal. She had been given a diagnosis that was terminal and the time we were adjusting to that was just awful. So I'm so, so thankful, as you can imagine.