Friday, March 26, 2010

In Thankfulness

Beautiful child sleeping
The neverending struggle
That finally takes its reprieve.
Girly giggles and corny jokes
That replay in my head for weeks, months,
Years after you said them.
The love of a family-mine.

Fire in my gut to guide me
Where has it been?
Passion in my heart, reignited
Hope for all things to come.
I felt you again. I thought you had gone
But you returned, just when I expected emptiness.

The lapping waves at my feet
The endlessness of the ocean
Smell of salty air surrounding me,
Sand in my toes.
Peace in my soul. Familiarity.
The feeling of being called home.

Laughter of my community
The one I built with my heart,
My hands, my education...
The one I nurture day after day
week after week year after year.
Brilliance. I see you
Around every corner, in every set of eyes
You burn into me.

The littlest one, furry and funny and
oh so precious to my heart.
Little licks and snuggles and pants
Little cries in another language of
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.
I Love You too.

And you who brought me here
Loved me, taught me, believed in me
More now than ever before.
Gifts from those so gifted.
How lucky, how fortunate. How loved.

I breathe You in. And out. And separate from me,
But not separated.
Our separate-ness caused by me
But I try. I try. I try to let You in.
I try to trust and believe Your words.
And when You feather Your wings around me,
I trust in You again. And breathe you in,
In Thankfulness.

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