Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 242-Plugging Along

I conquered a hurdle today.

After my "crisis" last week, anxiety settled down quite a bit but my sleep was completely off kilter.  I was sleeping anywhere from two to seven hours in a 24-hour period, but most of the night I was wide awake.  A few nights in a row, I was asleep by five or six and awake by midnight. While I enjoy time to myself, I don't like feeling off my routine.  It bothers me.

We had to leave town on Friday due to a hurricane, and surprisingly I slept fairly well both nights in my hotel room.  Considering I don't sleep well away from home anyway, I was impressed that I managed six to seven hours, and at night no less.  Last night we were back home, and I managed to sleep through most of the night, waking at five a.m.

I noticed at bedtime last night that my muscles were sore and causing some pain, especially in my right shoulder.  I only had one thermacare wrap and it was for my back.  With a little creativity and some help from my daughter, I got the thing rigged around my shoulder.  It helped the shoulder muscle a bit, but when I woke this morning, everything hurt.  I wondered exactly what marathon I ran in my sleep, because that's exactly how I felt.

A week ago I made a deal with my mother that every day I would shower, dress, and leave the house.  So after much prodding and bribery, I was able to get my daughter out of bed to come with me.  We hit the doctor's office so I could pick up a prescription, then headed to the store to look for jeans.  The poor kid was having a horrible time with allergies and clearly didn't feel much better than I did.  So I decided to scale down our shopping.  We dropped off the prescriptions, then grabbed lunch before picking them up and heading home.

In the end I was proud of both of us.  My pain today is probably at a seven.  Anxiety, maybe a four, and exhaustion about a six.  But I went.  Not only did I go, but we had a great time at lunch, and it was a good reminder of how much fun my daughter and I have together when both of us are in a decent mood.

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