Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 339--Pissed

For a year I've taken a higher road and not spoken ill of my old position or of the woman who I consider to have driven me out.  I'm personally tired of it.  I'm depressed and angry and hurting, and don't know what else to do.  Well, I know some of what I have to do--get some assistance with pain because I'm really a bitch when I'm hurting, like today.  But there are things I've been holding in from people that I wanted to know.  Yeah, you.  If your kid went to my school I want you to know.  If you worked with me I want you to know.  It's time for everyone to know.  So here it love letter to the person I despise the most.

Dear P,
Anger hardly describes my feelings toward you.  Within weeks of you coming into your new position you had criticized everything L and I had built, had constructed, had poured our hearts and souls into, and begun your changes.  There was no collaboration between us.  You weren't interested in that.  You were interested in making everything bend to you, how you felt things should go.  You changed the furniture in the classroom, despite the fact that you taught fifteen children and I taught thirty.  You belittled me, embarrassed me, and lied about me.  When I took FMLA, you gave me forty hours worth of work to get done in four hours a week.  You gave me assignments to work on at home when I was on FMLA and then refused to sign for the hours.  You called me a liar.  You impugned my character.

I hate to break it to you but your communication and respect level for parents sucks.  No parent needs me to tell them that--they already know--and some of them pulled their kids out.  You never accepted the blame.  You never took responsibility for your fuckup.  You blamed everything on me.  You were all too happy to do that, over and over.  You lied to our supervisor.  I can only say that I hope he's gotten a good look at what he hired.  You couldn't run that center successfully to save your life.  Want to know why you have no staff?  Because nobody with anything beyond a bachelor's would work with you, and even then, only students who don't have world experience would agree to such a thing.  You suck.

You took me, the Interim director who had the school running smoothly, bills being paid, classes fully loaded, and kicked me to the curb.  Did I mention I hate you?  I hated every minute with you.  You are a liar.  You created a situation where I could no longer happily work where I had been.  I went from being respected and trusted to being micromanaged like a teenager.  Again, you suck.  You took two thousand dollars in training money and spent it ALL on yourself, leaving me no money to be trained for the year.  And you wonder why I left?  I would have given up everything and gone to the Sahara if it meant getting away from you.  As I told my husband when I came home after our final meeting, "I don't care what we do but I will not work with that woman one more day than I have to."

I hate you.  I loathe you.  You robbed me blind and i cannot stand to stomach the thought of you.

And I hurt today.  Pain at a 7 or 8, and the nucynta isn't helping.

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