Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 353 and Post 100!

Yesterday afternoon my daughter came home and pretty much dove into my bed.  She was asleep by five p.m. and slept until I woke her to move to her own bed around 2 a.m.  It's hard to sleep with a person who rolls and kicks regularly.

I slept well last night for the most part.  I'm supposed to be recording my dreams, although I do a poor job of it.  But last night I had a of those that moves to multiple locations and is extremely intricate.  I don't remember all of it, but I know I was with a group of people and we were driving down a "bridge", which was actually a dirt road that extended across the sound leading to the Outer Banks.  We were supposed to go into the water and get something out, but I didn't want to go.  I knew there were deadly animals, especially alligators, in the water and I didn't want to risk it.  Somehow we turned around and drove into the last city we lived in. After we turned around on the dirt road, I saw two alligators swimming together in the water but they were yellow, black, orange, and red. We had to drop something off in town.  Somehow we went through several apartments and ended up in one that again had an aquarium-type setup where we were supposed to put certain fish in the water.  All of the fish were puppets, and one kid was being rough with one of them.  I scolded him.  That's all I remember.

I have a lot of water dreams.  This one wasn't as scary as some, but all of them are frightening while I'm dreaming them.  In dream analysis, water often refers to the unconscious, and this dream made me wonder if part of me fears delving deeper into therapy.  There's so many representations in this dream.  The puppets are something I relate to my work, and I'm sure that's how they tie in.  The same with the alligators--and their coloring was bright and eye catching.

I've had water dreams for as long as I can remember.  They used to be much more violent--the water would be churning, flooding, involve tidal waves, that kind of thing.  My dream last night didn't involve those things.  The water was calm.  The last water dream I had involved calmer water too.  Another aspect that always occurs in these dreams is the involvement of large water animals--sharks, whales, squids, alligators.  A third component that is in almost every dream is that of a bridge or some kind of platform in the water.  I'm never hurt in these dreams but always feel scared.  Actually, there's a strong sense of dread and anxiety in the dreams.  I'm sure my therapist will love the opportunity to dissect every corner of this one!

As for pain today, I woke up with a milder bit of pain.  Probably on a scale of ten, around five.  That's the best I've felt in several days.

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